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When your steam boiler comes on, does it sound as if the tide is coming in as the water starts to circulate through your heating system? If so, Hudson River Plumbing can help. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for any type of boiler repair in Rockland County, we offer what many have called the best value in boilers in Rockland County. It doesn’t matter if you need a boiler repair or a boiler replacement – we go the extra mile. If you have a problem with residential or commercial boilers in Rockland County, we get there in a flash, accurately diagnose the issue, give you an accurate and thorough estimate, and deliver high quality service at very fair rates.

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County boiler repair services

Review by a homeowner in Tappan, NY

Project: Install or Replace a Boiler or Radiator Heating System

“Conduct was very satisfactory.”

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Hudson River Plumbing has over 25 years experience servicing all types of boiler issues. We have taken care of 30 apartment buildings and all of their boiler, steam heating and plumbing issues for 22 years. When it comes to residential or commercial boiler problems, we have seen just about every imaginable situation. We will accurately diagnosis your boiler repair issues and give you a complete and easy to understand estimate. Then we will promptly repair it with friendly and courteous service. Finally, we will explain the best way to maintain your boiler and do our best to help you prevent future problems.

We are a 24/7 Boiler Repair Service serving all of Rockland County 

Dan Cabiroy repairing boiler in rockland County

Boiler repair in Nycak, Rockland County, NY

In a perfect world boilers would only break down from 9-5 on weekdays. Unfortunately, when I wake up I realize it is just a dream…. Boilers love to act up at the most inopportune times – like 4 AM on a Sunday morning when the temperature is below zero. It is at moments like this that you will discover the true value Hudson River Plumbing offers in boiler repairs and boiler replacements. We never charge extra for evening or weekend calls. We know that problems happen 24/7 and do not believe that you should be punished if your boiler acts up after “bankers’ hours.” If we come to your home or business to provide a boiler repair or if you need a boiler replacement and the job does not go like “clockwork,” it should not be your problem. With our experience, the job usually runs smoothly. However, on the odd occasion where it does not, we do not charge “overtime” or add in “extras” on to your boiler repair or boiler replacement bill. We have heard the horror stories of what some call “fly-by-night” services coming in with an unbelievable low estimate. Then when the bill is added up the “extras” make the customer choke.

We are local and want to be your
Rockland County Boiler Service

We are located in Nyack, NY and Dan Cabiroy, our president, has lived in Rockland for 25 years. We treat our customers like neighbors and will never “bait” prospects with an artificially low estimate and then ”switch” to a higher rate with “extras,” “overtime” or over priced parts and supplies. We know that we are our reputation and we will go the extra mile to deliver prompt, courteous service with the know-how to solve your boiler issues all at very fair prices. Our Rockland County Plumbing License is:  P1201

If you are located in Rockland County and need emergency boiler repair or boiler replaceme call Hudson River Plumbing at 845-727-7079“We’ll Keep Your Plumginb Humming.”