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How to find a great plumber in New City

How to find a great plumber
in New City

If live New City or the surrounding and are looking for a new plumber, you may not know how to find the best plumber for your needs.  As a plumber, I have heard the following question time and time again.  How do I find a great plumber?  If you live in New City or anywhere in Rockland County, these tips should help you find a plumber that is best for you.

Three Tips for finding the best Plumber for you in New City or Rockland County

Searching for a great plumber can be challenging.  You may have just moved to the New City area and do not a plumber.  Or you may not be satisfied with your current plumber and want someone who better fits your needs.  Either way, finding a plumber with extensive experience, flexible hours and integrity can be tough.   Here are three tips that can help New City and Rockland County residents find a great plumber:

  1. Experience – If a plumbing company tells you they have 30 years experience make sure the person doing the work has the experience.  So ask who will be doing the work at your house.   If you call a large firm they will tell you: “We have 65 years of experience servicing New City, Rockland, Bergen and Westchester Counties.”  However, the person who shows up at your door may have less than a year of experience.    Dan Cabiroy, the owner of Hudson River Plumbing, is on every job.  The company had been serving New City and Rockland County for 25 years.  Before that the firm held a contract for over 20 years in a row to service over 30 NYC apartment buildings.  Click to learn more about Hudson River Plumbing.


  1. Flexibility – Finding a great professional with flexible hours and 24/7 emergency service is always a plus. If you live in New City and your water heater bursts at 2 AM in the morning, you need someone who will be there in a flash.  You also need a plumber who will solve the problem with the least damage to your home.   Hudson River Plumbing offers emergency services and flexible hours for working people at no extra charge.  They know that the best way to develop a long-term relationship it to take care of you in a jam without “gouging” you with extra charges.


  1. Integrity – Make sure the plumbing company does not have any complaints lodged against them. Call the Consumer Protection Agency in the New City and Rockland County area to check their integrity.  As an owner-operator, Dan Cabiroy knows that his reputation is the most important thing he offers.

Rating: 5.0   |  05-13-2016

Review by Joel S. in New City, NY

Project: Repair or Service a Water Heater

“Thoroughly professional, smooth and efficient. Legitimately presented an image of competency and ease. Would recommend him to anyone without any reservation. New water heater he installed is the only clue that someone was here. Heater make and model is performing flawlessly.”

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Hudson River Plumbing wants to be your plumber in New City & Rockland County

Nyack Plumber, Can Cabiroy

Hudson River Plumbing has been serving New City for over 25 years

Hudson River Plumbing has over 40 years of plumbing experience.  For the last 25 years, they have serviced New City and Rockland County.  They focus on helping their customers keep their plumbing headache free and working properly.  Their success has been built by helping one customer at a time “keep their plumbing humming.”  By the way, don’t forget to take advantage of their new customer discounts!  If you are in New City or Rockland County and need a top notch plumber call 845-727-7079 or complete the form on the right – you’ll be glad you did!