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Leaking Pipe Repair Rockland County

Do you have leaking pipes & in rockland County?
We can help!

If you have a pipe leak or a burst pipe in Rockland County, call Hudson River Plumbing. We’ll be there in a flash and help to minimize the problem and help you get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

The tell-tale signs of leaking pipes…

Fixing leaky pipes in Rockland County,  NY

We all know we have a leaking pipe when we can see water dripping from a pipe. However there are several tell-tale signs…. Do you have abnormally low water pressure? This can be a sign of a pipe leak. Is the water coming out of the faucet brown, rust color or discolored? This also is a sign of a leaking pipe. If your water bill shows you are using significantly more water but you know you are not, it may be a sign that you have a pipe leak. This is particularly true if you have an automatic sprinkler and you are using much more water than normal. Have you noticed a hot/warm or cold spot on your floor or wall? This too is a sign of a leaking pipe. Of course, if you have a persistent wet spot on your floor, wall or ceilings you should call us to check for a pipe leak…. If you have any of these tell-tale signs call us immediately. Let us fix the leaking pipe before it become a bigger problem.


Looking To Repair Leaky Pipes in Rockland?

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“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your prompt and professional service.  You have been to my house twice to repair showers in different bathrooms.  Your repairs were always done promptly and correctly.  However, the third time you were here was exceptional.   My pipes froze on Super Bowl Sunday… the water was running out of my garage you were at my house very quickly,  gave me the same friendly professional service as always . That was very much appreciated, especially since it took you away from the big game.

My husband Ed and I appreciate the service you have given us.”


Elise Vicinanza

Chestnut Ridge, New York

More reviews & testimonials…

We have been fixing leaking pipes for over 25 years. We can handle all of your plumbing needs too. We service all towns in Rockland County and will be at your home or business in a flash. We have over 25 year of plumbing experience and have handled all pipe leaks and plumbing issues for 30 NYC apartments for 22 years. We have handled about every type of pipe leak imaginable. These experiences have given us the know-how to deliver an in-depth analysis of your problem and give you a full and easy to understand estimate. Our rates are very fair and we do not charge overtime on the rare occasion that the job takes longer than planned. Since leaking pipes do not keep “banker’s hours” neither do we. We do not charge extra for nighttime or weekend calls. Dan Cabiroy, our president, is on every job and you will find everyone you deal with to be courteous and friendly. We wear boot covers when we come into your home and we leave it cleaner than we found it. Our goal is to deliver the best value for fixing leaking pipes in Rockland or, for that matter, anywhere. We treat our customers like neighbors because we want you to join the Hudson River Plumbing family of repeat customers….

If your pipes are leaking, please call us today at 845-727-7079 – remember at Hudson River Plumbing  “We keep your plumbing humming.”