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When you have a plumbing emergency, Hudson Valley Plumbing wants to be your Rockland County Emergency Plumber. We are a 24 hour plumber who does not charge extra for nighttime or weekend calls. If you have water flooding your home or business, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your family and customer or employees do not go near standing water that could have an electric current running through it. Make sure they are either out of the house or far away from the standing water in question. Once everyone is safe, you need to have the electricity turned off either to that part of the house/building or to the entire structure. Next, have water coming into the building or to that portion of the house or the particular appliance or fixture turned off and then turn off the gas. If you have any questions as to the proper thing to do, call 845-727-7079 and let Hudson River Plumbing handle your plumbing emergency safely, promptly and affordably. Remember when you have an emergency plumbing issue, always do the safest thing and if you are unsure of what to do, call us.


  • Learn how to turn off the electricity to the entire house/business as well as to the various areas of the structure via the circuit breaker or fuse box.
  • Learn how to turn off the water to the house. If you only have an outside valve that is buried, you may consider having a shut off valve installed inside your home or business. You will be glad you did if you have water flooding your premises….
  • Know how to turn off the water to various zones of your house (if your system has zones) and learn how to shut off the water to your faucets and appliances.
  • Know how to turn off the gas. If you cannot turn off the gas, have the utility’s number as well as the electric company’s emergency numbers in an easy to remember and accessible place.
  • Have a wrench handy to turn of the water and/or gas valve.

If you are not comfortable with any of this, have our phone number handy or fill in the form to the left and ask for one of our emergency preparedness magnets with the numbers for the water company, the gas and electric company as well as ours.


Turn off water & call Hudson River Plumbing.

Leaking or Burst Hot Water Heater

  • Turn off water.
  • Turn off Gas or electricity (depending if it gas or electric).
  • Call Hudson River Plumbing – we’ll be there in a flash.

Steaming or Scalding Hot Water

  • Turn hot water heater temperature dial down.
  • You should be able to do this yourself. If you are having difficulty, call us and we’ll do our best to walk you through it for free. If you still have the problem, we’ll be there 1,2,3….

Frozen Pipes

  • Shut off water because if the pipe bursts and then thaws you will have a flood unless you turn the water off.
  • Call us- we can often thaw the pipes out without having them burst. If they do, we’ll repair the pipes and have your water running normally as quickly as possible.

Leaking Faucet or Faucet that will not turn off

  • Turn off water.
  • Call us and relax – “We’ll keep your plumbing humming!”

Leaking/Running Toilet

  • Turn off water.
  • Call Hudson River Plumbing – we’ll have it fixed in no time flat.

Jammed Food Disposal

  • Turn electricity off to disposal.
  • Put hex wrench that comes with the food disposal unit in the hole at the bottom of the disposal. Turn it back and forth until it moves freely.
  • Remove obstruction from disposal using flashlight and tongs – never put your hands inside next to the disposal blades/teeth.
  • If you cannot get the jam free. call us. We here to help.

Clogged Drain

  • Try a plunger.
  • If you cannot get the drain unclogged call us – we’ll be there lickity split!

Clogged Toilet

  • Try a plunger.
  • If you cannot get the toilet unclogged call us – we’ll be there to help you.

Hudson River Plumbing the “Go To” Emergency Plumber in Rockland County

If you need and emergency plumber in Rockalnd County call Hudson River¬†Plumbing at 845-727-7079 – “We keep your plumbing humming.”