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Hudson River Plumbing handles all types of hot water and steam heating issues in Rockland County. If you have hot water or steam heating and there is a problem, we can take care of it. It doesn’t matter if you are a residence, a commercial establishment or even an industrial concern, we have over 25 years of solving all types of plumbing and heating problems in Rockland County. If your hot water heater or hot water or steam heating system is acting up- no problem, we’ll take good care of you.

Review by John Q. in Tappan, NY

Project: Install or Replace a Boiler or Radiator Heating System

“Conduct was very satisfactory.”

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Heating & Plumbing Repair Rockland County, NY

Heating Repair Rockland County – Hudson River Plumbing repairs heating controls

Hot water and steam heaters can be powered by gas, electricity or oil. The boiler will heat the water; the heated water will travel through the pipes to the radiators where the heat will be transferred to the air in the room via the radiator. There are two types of hot water/steam heating system – gravity or forced hot water (hydronic) system. A gravity system utilizes the upward flow of the hot water to circulate the hot water and the forced hot water system has a pump called a circulating pump that forces the hot water to the radiators. Both systems have many of the same plumbing and heating problems. If you encounter any of the issues listed below, please consider us to be you heating contractor.

Common problem with hot water and steam heating systems

  • Sounds like the tide is coming in when your system comes on
  • Hammering or clanging noises
  • Inadequate or low heat output
  • No heat – water does not circulate
  • Leaking pipes, radiators or valves
  • Frozen pipes

Let us service your Hot Water or Steam Heater

It is recommended that your hot water or steam heating system is serviced once a year. We will gladly help. We will flush your system and check for leaks. Next, we will fill your system with the proper amount of water and check that it operates at the correct pressure level. As your system operates, we will listen for the “tide coming in” or “hammering.” If they occur, we will fix the problem. Please call Hudson River Plumbing – let us take care of your plumbing and heating needs.

Rating: 5.0   |  05-13-2016

Review by Dave S. in Valley Cottage, NY

Project: Repair or Reprogram a Thermostat

“My heat was not working. I ended up needing three zone valves replaced (I didn’t realize this was the original issue). The job cost me way more then I was expecting to pay but you get what you pay for. Daniel was great and took the time to walk me through everything in detail. I now consider Daniel my plumber of record and would definitely suggest him to anyone.”

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Hot water heaters in Rockland County

Hudson River Plumbing is one of the most experienced Rockland County hot water heater contractors there is. We have over 25 years experience repairing hot water heaters…. click to read more.  If you are looking for value in Rockland County plumbing and heating, look no more. Hudson River Plumbing is dedicated to delivering superior value.

Here’s our 6 step approach to delivering value.

  1. We get to your home or business in a flash no matter if it is day or night or on the weekend.
  2. Our 25 years experience and 22 years of servicing all of the plumbing and heating needs of 30 NYC apartment building gives us unsurpassed know-how.
  3. We will analyze your situation and give you an in-depth estimate with no “surprises.”
  4. On the rare occasion that a job takes more time than it should, you will never get a bill for overtime. A quality plumbing and heating contractor should be able to tell you how long it takes to fix your system. And if they are dedicated to value, there will never be a charge for extra hours….
  5. We utilize quality parts and products so that they last. You will receive their warrantee. Additionally we guarantee our work for one full year.
  6. We provide all of this a very fair prices.

We cover all towns in Rockland County and we’ll get to you promptly!

If you need a quality heating contractor in Rockland County – call Hudson River Plumbing at 845-727-7079“We’ll Keep Your Plumbing Humming.”